Bell Chair – $3,500

This semi-formal task chair is designed to inspire moments of deep work, thought and creativity. The base of the chair is modelled on the Indian prayer bell (Ghanta in Hindi/Sanskrik) and ‘OM’ sound that the bell produces to herald the beginning of prayer or meditation. This ancient, trance-like state of consciousness has many parallels with the state of flow that 21st century creative spirits crave. Simply put, the designer’s goal was to create a piece of furniture that would energise today’s ‘rock star’ knowledge workers to become the best possible version of themselves, professionally and personally.

The chair is a collaboration with Stellar Works of Shanghai. The top half of the chair fuses Emirati camel leather with British sheepskin. On the base, notice the rose gold accents: they’re a nod to Dubai’s heritage as the city of gold, but with a subtle twist because rose is a softer, less ostentatious expression of wealth than 24-carat yellow metal.





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