At Pallavi Dean Interiors we’re very clear about our purpose: create unforgettable experiences through design.

How do we do this? By putting people at the heart of every project.

The guests in a hotel; the staff in an office; the students in a college; the family in a home. Creating unforgettable experiences for these people inspires everything we do.

That’s why, before we draw a single line on a page, we get to know our clients better than they know them themselves. We ask. We listen. We understand. (We joke that we should have ‘psychologist’ or ‘sociologist’ on our business cards before ‘designer’!)

Then, the magic happens! The practical, analytical designer steps aside, and the creative, intuitive, artistic designer steps up.

We think it’s a winning combination, creating spaces that are not just functional, but also beautiful and inspirational. It’s how we deliver on our mission every time: create unforgettable experiences through design.