Marina Arcade 

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The apartment is designed to generate a contemporary hospitality look and feel. Specifically, we wanted people to walk in and feel they were in the premium suite of a boutique design hotel. We wanted a sense of continuity throughout the building, so the colour palette takes its cues from the reception lobby – a muted, neutral base palette. For the main accent colours we chose blue and mustard yellow. The blue is inspired by Emirati artist Mattar bin Lahaj’s Galloping Horse painting in the reception lobby.

The  materials and textures, include routed wooden wall paneling, coated with textured paint. It adds a layer of depth that really helps generate the luxurious, hand-crafted hospitality feel we were going for. The use of mirrors and reflective surfaces gives a sense of the apartment being flooded with natural light, and makes it feel larger.  We’ve custom-designed most of the wallpapers, based on a series of bold graphics.