Mirage Showroom Dubai, UAE

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Mirage Showroom

We imagined using the tiles for furniture pieces and art installations - reflecting the spirit of d3

The people at Mirage did not want another standard tile showroom, but rather a creative hub where the end users, designers, architects and specifiers could meet, collaborate and learn. Our task was to rethink the ways in which creative people interact with material samples and build an environment that reflected the spirit of it’s location, here in Dubai Design District, d3.

The Showroom space is divided into three areas; a central main open space with tile displays on the periphery and mobile ‘Consultation Bars’ in the centre. This main space can also be cleared away for industry events and CPD talks. The second space is a semi private ‘Garden meeting area’, positioned next the exterior glazing with an inside / outside feel that showcases exterior tile products. The third space is enclosed ‘Jewel Box’ for private meetings. Each unit, furniture piece and art installation is constructed from the tile products.