SOHO Living Dubai, UAE

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The developer wanted to create something that didn’t exist in Dubai: urban living meets beach chic for the young creative class. They want to satisfy an unmet demand from people working in jobs such as media, fashion, design, technology, as well as enlightened lawyers and bankers who appreciate design and creativity. These 20 and 30-somethings in Dubai crave the same kind of loft living that their contemporaries enjoy in London, New York and Barcelona, and they want to combine it with UAE’s year-round sunshine beach lifestyle. They want all of this – and they want it to be affordable.

The aim was to create interior architectural statements that grab attention and send a message to residents and guests the moment they enter. The material palette and design language are raw, urban and industrial: exposed concrete, rusty metal, iron and steel meshwork, stark lighting, graffiti walls. We were inspired by installation art, such as Donald Judd sculptural installations in New York from the 1970s.