Talent Consultancy Dubai, UAE

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Balancing an informal, residential atmosphere with the professional demands of a consulting firm with blue chip clients.

For this talent consultancy in Dubai, the brief was to create an office that feels professional and well thought out, but also young and vibrant to reflect the culture of the company. In response we created a pastel-toned, textured office space making privacy a focal aspect in the overall design. Given the confidential nature of discussions taking place, the space was designed to maximise the number of closed offices without physically blocking off the rest of the space and natural light.

Layering of spaces was key to creating the look and feel described by the clients. One of the examples is a 3D screen reception backdrop dense at the bottom to provide privacy, becoming more open as it reaches the ceiling to allow natural light to flow through.

The reception lounge area has a residential feel with a custom designed floor to ceiling library that doubles up as an informal meeting area for internal meetings and non-confidential client meetings.