The Executive Office Dubai, UAE

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The private office for a senior member of the ruling family. A contemporary design, yet with local culture informing every detail.


This design creates a sense of ‘continuation’ in design language, as the new space is an extension of the office on the floor above. The design includes wraparound features where floor surfaces morph into walls, ceilings and furniture pieces, creating a three-dimensional representation of the word ‘continuation’.

Crucially, local culture informed the design. Privacy and status are high priorities for the mostly Emirati staff, so the plan allows for five closed offices, as well as two work bays for eight people.

The multi-purpose room at the heart of the office has glass walls to allow natural light to circulate, so we applied a graphic manifestation to provide visual privacy. We included a prayer room and a small crèche, as many of the staff are young Muslim mothers.