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The new d3 Office for Vitra takes its cue from the Vitra Haus building. The Dubai showroom is smaller, yet we worked hard to create distinct zones to showcase commercial and residential designs. We also made a conscious effort to layer the space and and play with perspective, by raising the floor at the back of the showroom next to the window.

To showcase the products, we wanted to incorporate them into the design, rather than simply display them. We love the fluidity and biophilic, web-like qualities of the Algue plastic mesh, so we combined hundreds of these components in different colours to create a ombre-effect portal at the entrance. Finally, we know how much Vitra loves collaborating with local artists and designers. So we worked with carpet designer Cecilia Setterdahl – who has a studio just a block away from Vitra in D3 – to custom make a series of rugs.