Samagree Lights – $3,500

This cluster of two lights plays on the negative/positive aspects of Tension. The +ve light projects the word “samagree” (Sanskrit for “content”) on the floor. This word resonates because it’s the designer’s goal: resolving cultural tensions to achieve a state of contentment. Sometimes it is achieved, sometimes just an aspirational goal.

Layering and symbolism are central to the design of the +ve light. The first layer is the glass bulb, a source of light and inspiration. The second layer is a sphere of clouded, frosted glass to represent the barriers that sometimes inhibit that light from breaking through. The third and final layer is crystal clear, encourage the light to shine through while projecting the aspirational “samagree” text on the floor below. A ring of camel leather binds the elements together.

For the designer, the idea of a “sphere within a sphere” is a powerful cultural metaphor: one culture can exist happily within another, and often it’s the space between the two that’s creates the most interesting experiences.

In contrast, the –ve light is a single, solitary sphere suspended with a large ring. The gap between the two represents the void people can feel when struggling to resolve a multi-cultural identity.

The lights are a collaboration with PRECIOSA Lighting, based in the Jablonec region of the Czech Republic known as “Crystal Valley” for its glassmaking heritage.







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