Svagata console – $ 5000

The vertical console is an upright take on the traditional console table. The ritualistic role of the console (named Svagata or welcome in Sanskrit) draws on the traditional reception given to visitors in an Indian home, with a thali (plate) to burn incense and candle holder for burning small diyas (flames). It’s also a blatant status symbol, making a statement the moment guests walk through the door.

This idea became fashionable in British entrance halls in the 18th century, when the newly-minted millionaires of the industrial revolution borrowed the fashion from Italy and France. Most important, it performs everyday functions: there are pegs to hold a laptop bag or scarf, while the thali doubles as a holder for keys and a phone.

Finally, for the homeowner, it’s a last chance to prepare before leaving the house: check yourself out in the mirror and put your shoes on while sitting on the pouf.





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